Exploring Okan Sake

Premium OKAN from Hakkaisan

What is Okan?
Okan” is the Japanese word for warm sake. Warm sake sometimes gets a bad rap, but it is really a wonderful thing. Okan sake can have rich textures, deep flavors and warm you soul.

Why Warm Sake?
Why warm up sake in the first place? Warming sake, when done properly, can enhance the texture and flavor of sake. Here are some effects you can expect from warming your sake:

Sake Temperatures
Once you decide to warm your sake, you may be curious about what temperature to pick! This chart shows you the various sake temperatures. When you visit a restaurant or sake bar, the staff can give you their recommendations for serving temperature

How To Warm Sake
However, enjoying warm sake is not something for restaurants only! Why not try it at home? It’s easy, fun and delicious. The white carafe you see in the instructions is called a “tokkuri”. It is a ceramic vessel with a narrow neck used to warm sake. If you don’t have one of those, don’t worry, any food safe ceramic container will do – even a coffee mug!

Did You Know?
Warming sake has a long history in Japan! There are