Plum Sake

Hakkaisan Umeshu Plum Sake


Hakkaisan’s plum sake is made with good quality Japanese plums prepared in Hakkaisan’s untreated sake. This low-calorie, dry, clear and crisp umeshu plum sake goes well with meals. Refrigerating it and drinking it straight without ice is recommended to enjoy the harmony of the natural acidity of plum and the gentle flavor of Hakkaisan sake.

Alcohol 13.0%
ingredients seishu, plum, fructose, rock sugar

Hakkaisan Shochu-based Umeshu Plum Sake


This umeshu is made with high quality Japanese plums matured in Hakkaisan’s premium rice shochu. Enjoy the elegance of the plum flavor that has a delicate sweetness and a refreshing taste. You can enjoy this umeshu either on the rocks, with water or with club soda.

Alcohol 14.0%
ingredients genuine shochu, plum, fructose

Hakkaisan Shochu-based Nigori Umeshu Plum Sake


Fine quality domestic plums are soaked in Hakkaisan shochu to produce this umeshu. Its nice aroma and deep flavor come from the added plum pulp paste. Enjoy this thick and rich umeshu on the rocks, with water or club soda.

Alcohol 14.0%
ingredients genuine shochu, plum and fructose