“Yoroshiku senman arubeshi” is an old phrase from China meaning “unlimited fortune.”

Hakkaisan Yoroshiku Senman Arubeshi Kome Shochu


This shochu is made by incorporating the brewing skills of Hakkaisan’s sake-making. This consists of using crafted sake yeast and applying a three-step preparation process, a typical sake-making style. Sake lees are added during the fermentation process to draw out the delicate fragrance of sake. The mash is then distilled through low pressure and matured for two years. Enjoy this shochu’s gentle flavor.

Alcohol 25.0%
ingredients rice, koji rice, sake lees
distillation method reduced-pressure distillation

Hakkaisan Yoroshiku Senman Arubeshi Kasutori Shochu


Only fresh sake lees produced from making sake are used to create this luxurious Kasutori Shochu. This very rich tasting shochu is matured for over three years and has a good combination of rich and mellow tastes as well as an aroma that is characteristic of Japanese sake.

Alcohol 40.0%
ingredients sake lees
distillation method reduced-pressure distillation